What others have to say about BMI Oasis.

In October 2013 I spent time with life coach Dr. John Studebaker at the BMI Oasis. The truths I discovered about myself have become essential for my life and ministry. Dr. Studebaker understands the enormous significance of holy calling as well as the importance of practical, Spirit-led, step-by-step processes for truly living out that calling in one’s personal life, relationships, and ministry. He will enable you to identify core truths about yourself that should guide your critical vocational and personal decisions.

Rev. Bill Johnson

My time at BMI Oasis was both restful and challenging. My surroundings were beautiful and very comfortable, but the Lifebridge process facilitated by John was like giving birth. . . hard work but with a joyous outcome! I would recommend it highly to anyone wrestling with God and with themselves!

Rev. Jerry Kissling

BMI Oasis lives up to its name … ministry can sometime feel dry and parched, and a time of ‘Oasis’ can be so refreshing and life-giving. The combination of tranquility and ‘structured spiritual foundation focus time’ truly brought a renewed zeal for God’s kingdom. I also enjoyed time with John as he artfully facilitated and guided my wife and I through our Life Mission statements. He is gifted at getting right to the heart of each topic by asking great questions.

Pastor Ben Crouse

John was accommodating and attentive, tailoring the workshop to my individual situation but gently insisting that I trust the process. His expertise taught me the discipline of restructuring my life (personal, relational, and vocational) and then reassembling the pieces into a purpose, mission, and plan.

Pastor David Bucholtz (June 2018)

This is a great retreat. I was able to meet intimately with God and experience deep refreshment. The Coaching with Dr. Studebaker is life-changing. Take advantage of this resource!

Charles Goggans

By unplugging, praying, and walking with John though the process I was able to see how the eternal truths of Scripture could help guide me. As we talked and prayed, God helped apply these truths I had buried in busyness to come to the surface and provide direction.

Pastor Casey Arnouts

On her time at the Oasis: “Time with the Spirit of God to refocus, process struggles and gain vision are vital for anyone in any ministry capacity. The Oasis provided a relaxing setting and an incredibly helpful structure this week for God to do His work in my heart.” On LifeBridge Coaching: “I really appreciated John’s life-coaching, structural approach combined with encouragement to be guided by God’s Spirit in our decisions and boundaries.

Jess Crouse

We had plenty of time to ourselves, but also enjoyed interacting with John and Julie. They were very helpful with getting the most out of our get-a-way. They even let us make a campfire on their private island.

Pastor Phil Carter

John and Julie are outstanding and accommodating hosts. Their home is inviting and spacious. The food was fantastic and timely. Very reasonable pricing. Our morning walk through the woods behind the house was just what we needed.

Rev. Lon Bouma

What a wonderful blessing you were for our family! We had four generations together, and it was so precious to be in such a serene place of healing and peace. We felt welcomed and loved from the moment we drove up. And the bonfire on the island was a special treat! We were all able to relax, read, pray, play, and re-cooperate from a very difficult time in our family history. Each of us was able to ‘unwind’ and settle in our hearts new direction, resolve, and healing.

Pastor Phil and Anna Drebyshire

I encountered Bridge Ministries at a time in my life and career when I felt as though I was simply drifting. My sense of call and all my personal ambitions and heart desires did not seem to be fitting together in a way that made sense to me. I felt confused about the present and very unsure about the future. John Studebaker gave me personal attention and coaching through the LifeBridge process. He helped clear away all the clutter and begin to see more clearly. As we worked carefully through the details of my history and the contents of my heart, we were able to identify my sense of purpose, calling, and mission in ways I had never been able to articulate before. I wholeheartedly recommend Bridge Ministries to you and your congregation. John has the expertise, experience, and passion to help you and your church become what God has called you to be.

Pastor Kevin Clouse

I am thankful to God—for Bridge Ministries, and for his divine providence in allowing me this time away! I was blessed to gain a new vision for the coming year. I am excited to see what God will do in the future as I set out with newly defined purpose, mission and vision!

Adam Gudbrandson (Youth Ministry Leader)(August 2020)

The LifeBridge Coaching program was invaluable. It helped me see the value in knowing my God-given purpose, which drives everything else I do. Without purpose there is a void, a futility in every other effort in which I engage.

Brenda White (Counseling Ministry)(August 2020)