Courses and Messages

Courses by Dr. John Studebaker:

The LifeBridge Seminar (8-hour guided Workshop for finding and fulfilling your Life-calling)(watch promotional video)

The VOCA Workshop: The Sacred Voice that Shapes Life and Calling (go to website)

Be My Witnesses (Worldviews, Evangelism, and Apologetics for Churches)(watch online)

The Holy Spirit: Lord and Life-giver. Five sessions on: Knowing the Spirit, Renewed in the Spirit, Empowered by the Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit (based on John’s book, The Lord is the Spirit)

Caring for your Pastor (a one hour discussion, typically over Sunday lunch, discussing 10 areas of care, with a goal of beginning a Pastoral Care Committee)

World Religions (Using the textbook John recently edited, The Quest of World Religions)


Talks and Sermons by Dr. John Studebaker:

Signature Talk: Know Your Calling, Refocus Your Life: Learn about the three aspect of “Calling,” based upon the call of Abraham, and begin to live your Calling with clarity and passion (Genesis 12, 15)(one minute promotional – watch online)

Born of the Spirit: Nicodemus’ Encounter with Jesus (John 3:1-8; 14-16) (watch online)

Freedom in the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:1-6) (watch online)

Three Kinds of Amazing Grace (Romans 8:26-30) (watch online)

The Stewardship Parables (watch online)

A Happy Father’s Day Sermon (watch online)

Workshop for Pastors: How to Overcome Fatigue and Enjoy Ministry Again  (watch online)

How to Overcome Fatigue and Enjoy Ministry Again (one minute promotional)(watch online)

Know Your Calling, Refocus Your Life