Talks and Sermons by Dr. John Studebaker:

VOCA: Overcome Ministerial Fatigue, Rediscover your Unique Calling
The Stewardship Parables (listen online)
The Spirit-Filled Church (watch online)

Seminars and Workshops by Dr. John Studebaker:

The LifeBridge Seminar (7-hour guided Workshop for finding and fulfilling your Life-calling)
Caring for your Pastor (a one hour discussion, typically over Sunday lunch, discussing 10 areas of care, with a goal of beginning a Pastoral Care Committee)
The Holy Spirit: Lord and Life-giver (four sessions on: Knowing the Spirit, Empowered by the Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit)

Disciplines of the Heart: Falling in Love (with God) through a Spiritual Retreat