Individual Retreat Options

We will tailor your retreat to fit your spiritual journey or specific needs. The following three retreats formats, however, have proven helpful for many Pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders over the past ten years.

Revitalization Retreat

A Revitalization Retreat is a 2 – 5 day getaway with a focus on resting and revitalizing your spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and creative life. Recover intimacy with God, restore your “margin,” take time to read and study, etc. Enjoy our nature trails, theological and devotional libraries, prayer walk, Jacuzzi, island/bonfire, Great Room, hammock, chalk drawings, birdwatching, and a variety of nearby activities (Gull Lake, Kellogg Forest, Bird Sanctuary, golf, etc.). If desired, meet with John for life-coaching to talk through basic strategies for recovering from burnout, preventing burnout, making critical decisions, or knowing and living according to your life-calling.

We have guided curricula for each of the following Revitalization options (contact us for specifics; see also Dallas Willard’s Spirit of the Disciplines for descriptions of each). Specific Revitalization Retreats include:

  • Prayer or Prayer and Fasting retreat (can include time in our Prayer Hut or Great Room, our structured “Day of Prayer,” our Prayer Walk, etc.)
  • Solitude or silent retreat
  • Study or sermon prep retreat
  • Meditation retreat

Refocus Retreat: LifeBridge Coaching

LifeBridge Coaching assists Pastors, missionaries, Christian leaders, and/or their spouses as they deal with the challenges of life within professional ministry. You will be mentored through the LifeBridge process by Dr. John Studebaker, and will develop a plan to focus your life and ministry around your unique “calling” – your purpose, mission and vision.promothumb

The results of LifeBridge Coaching will be renewed boundaries, passion for life and ministry, and a practical blueprint for life. In addition you will:

  • address the root causes of ministerial fatigue and (if needed) begin recovery from ministerial burnout or stagnation
  • develop or re-develop a “Purpose Statement” in order to focus each major area of life around your ultimate purpose and relationship with God
  • discover how God has designed you uniquely and develop a personal, actionable “Mission Statement” based on your unique design
  • discover your “Life Themes”, “Core Values”, and potential “Roadblocks”, along with how each of these can transform your overall life and ministry
  • write one-year “Vision Statements,” along with goals and faith steps, that will allow you to walk forward in your calling on a daily basis
  • develop an intentional, workable Re-assessment plan for retaining margin, joy, and “balance” in ministry
  • walk through a “turning points inventory,” discovering your personal life-themes, core values, and roadblocks.
  • for those in times of transition (personally, ministerially, etc.) you will work through tools designed to help you make decisions regarding your future (based on your unique calling and current needs)

Many pastors and Christian leaders have found LifeBridge Coaching to be a major catalyst for their own personal development, ministry development, and overall focus (see “Testimonials” page). The process takes about 9 hours, which includes 4 hours working through our LifeBridge DVDs and about 5 hours with Dr. Studebaker. It is best to plan on 3-4 days at the Oasis. More information on LifeBridge Coaching can be found on our web site:

We can also provide follow-up LifeBridge Coaching, once a month over the following 12 months, to assist you in walking out your plan.

The requested donation for a Refocus Retreat is typically $1200 for an individual, $1500 for a couple (tax-deductible). We encourage you to stay at the BMI Oasis during this time ($75/night donation in the Vineyard Suite). This support will help expand our ministry in the USA and overseas while assisting with our own ministry expenses as well.

Renewal Retreat: Love and Respect Marriage Retreat

The Love and Respect DVD series is the best tool, in our opinion, for recovering marital intimacy, joy, and communication. Our own marriage has benefited tremendously from this series, and we have led dozens of couples through it in our own church. Preview this 6-hour series at

LifePlanning Retreat

An in-depth, once-in-a-lifetime journey into your past, present, and future to help you develop motivation and a personal strategy for Living the Life You Were Meant to Live. Includes 12 hour of individual consultation with Dr. Studebaker (a certified LifePlanning Coach). More information here and

Day Use of Oasis Facilities

We encourage Pastors and other Ordained ministers to use the Oasis facilities (the Great Room, Cattail Chapel, Island, etc) for all or part of a day, typically for prayer, study, or staff meetings. Breakfast, lunch, or refreshments can be provided, upon request.

Contact us at 269-277-7020 or for more information and to set up your retreat.