Pastoral and Missionary Coaching

After recovering from intense ministerial burnout with the help of a skilled Christian coach, the Lord called Dr. John Studebaker to coach Pastors and Missionaries.

John then developed the LifeBridge coaching model as part of his Ph.D. course work. Since 2001, John and the Oasis team have coached over 200 clergy, assisting them in restoring divine calling, mission clarity, margin in life and ministry, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Our LifeBridge Coaching features:

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your coach will provide a relationship marked by safety, listening, encouragement and grace.

CALLING: Our passion is to help Pastors and Missionaries re-ignite and refocus their unique calling. Patterned after the call of Moses, you’ll begin your journey (in the first six meetings) by re-orienting life and ministry around the three aspects of the Klesis (call) of God:

CLARITY: Pastoral and Missionary Coaching can specifically incorporate all or some of the following, according to personal need:

Coaching meetings are typically one-hour, monthly or bi-monthly for one year or longer.  They may be conducted in person (at the Oasis) or remotely (through Zoom meetings).

In addition, the Pastor or missionary may join a network of Pastors who meet monthly (on zoom) for partnership and additional encouragement.

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