Speaking and Church Consulting

John Studebaker (Ph.D., 2003, Trinity International University) is available for preaching in your church, perhaps immediately or soon after your Pastor’s retreat. You can download our speaking brochure here: Speaking brochure.  Past sermons include:

  • “The Stewardship Parables” (listen online)
  • “The Spirit-Filled Church” (watch online)
  • “Acts 1: The Kingdom of God in Your World”
  • My Journey from Atheist to Christian Theology Professor”
  • Reflecting God: The Divine Image Restored”
  • “Margin: Avoiding the trap of busyness”
  • “Glory! Experiencing the Glory of God in your Life and Church”
  • “How to Know if God is Speaking to You”
  • “Living On-purpose in a Fast-paced Culture”
  • “Living the Mystery: The Holy Spirit in Daily Life”
  • “The Lordship of the Holy Spirit”
  • “Joy in the Ministry” (Avoiding Ministerial Burnout)
  • “Heaven on Earth? Answering Three Important Questions about Heaven”

We also provide the following Workshops (for men’s or church retreats, student groups. etc):

  • The LifeBridge Seminar (7-hour guided Workshop for finding and fulfilling your Life-calling)
  • Caring for your Pastor (a one hour discussi0n, typically over Sunday lunch, discussing 10 areas of care, with a goal of beginning a Pastoral Care Committee)
  • The Holy Spirit:  Lord and Life-giver: How the Holy Spirit can revive your personal life and your Church (4 sessions)
  • Loving God (Seminar on Matthew 22:36-40)
  • Is Theology Boring? (Developing Passion for God by contemplating the nature of God)
  • Apologetics for Everyone (How all believers in your Church or student group can begin to show care for non-believers by presenting a reasonable faith)
  • What is Truth? (John 18:33-38) (Developing a Christian Worldview)
  • Breaking Barriers to Bonding: Developing a Rich Spiritual Community (Series on 1 Corinthians)
  • Major Lessons from Minor Prophets (Powerful teachings on the Minor Prophets and the attributes of God)
  • What is Biblical Mentoring (Series on 1 Timothy)
  • Dating for Dummies: Developing Christ-centered Relationships (3 hour Workshop)
  • Other topics by request

We also assist churches in the following ways:

  1. ChurchBridge Consulting : Working with Pastors and elders, this process will help assess the spiritual health of your church, clarify God’s unique “calling” for your Church, and develop a plan for activating this calling. The ultimate goal is to develop a truly Spirit-led church leadership and body.
  2. The Rebuilding Campaign: For those church’s seeking to “Rebuild” membership involvement in ministry.
  3. Church staff, leadership, and small groups retreats

Please provide us with the following information to begin the conversation regarding the above services: